4 of the Cheap and Cheap Flights to Buy Outside London

4 of the Cheap and Cheap Flights to Buy Outside London

London is an expensive capital city, and many homeowners who upgrade their properties should look outside the city to find affordable new homes. But where should you see? Let’s look at the 4 best options out there for new buyers.
Want to buy? And first you Well, unless you’ve just landed in the giant swan’s nest and found it filled with golden eggs, it’s very unlikely you’ll be looking for London as a viable option in the near future.


After all, prices in the capital are high. The average price for multi-storey houses is over £ 600,000 by 2016, while across the country as a whole, averaging around £ 270,000. That is a big difference, and tends to have a powerful impact on new buyers who are looking for their first mortgage.

But with so many people working in London, there is a big chance that a commuter town outside the capital may be your only option. Here are some suggestions that may be appropriate for someone working in London, but not in a position to issue a decent deposit at home – or even flat – in the capital.

1. Witham, Essex 4 of the Cheap and Cheap Flights to Buy Outside London

Witham in Essex is just 45 minutes from the capital, by direct train to Liverpool Street station. In this city, it’s possible to find a £ 215,000 house or flat for £ 159,000, while the journey equals the same time as in the four or five London tube zones.

2. Kettering, Northamptonshire

If you drive to London, Kettering – more than two hours away – is not an option for you. However, with a high-speed train, it is possible to go from the ancient city to St. This pancras is less than an hour.

Home to many scenes from the classic cult, the Peep Show, the average price for a semi-detached house is 174,000 pounds, the terrace is £ 143,000, and the flat is only £ 110,000. Season on-track tickets can be a bit expensive – around £ 6,600 – but this can be made at a much cheaper home price.

3. Amersham, Buckinghamshire

According to city worker, City AM, Amersham is probably the best choice for London passengers looking for residents outside the capital that is very expensive.

Unlike some other places on this list, Amersham has its own underground tube station and, that is, a relatively easy 59-minute journey (give or take). The school is nice and the house is cheaper than you find on a tube line in more central locations.

4. Snodland, Kent

Just 50 minutes from London, Snodland in Kent – mostly a cheaper area than Essex, or Surrey – a bit of a steal. There are only 11,000 residents and the season ticket tickets are just over £ 4,000 per year. 4 of the Cheap and Cheap Flights to Buy Outside London 4 of the Cheap and Cheap Flights to Buy Outside London

There are 48 trains each working day going to London, as well as the nearby towns of Rochester and Maidstone. The city is slightly over 30 miles from the capital, and the average price is £ 160,000 for flats, £ 247,000 for a semi-detached house, and £ 211,000 for a terrace.

Find the most suitable solution

At the end of the day, there are many options available to people who need to be near London, but have no money – or tendencies – to spend the best part of a million pounds on a small property. in zone two or three

It is true that the long journey between so-called “commuter belts” and London tends to get a bad reputation, but this ignores the fact that workers are free from the pressures of the capital this weekend. And nothing like fresh rustic air to help you relax.

The list is not complete at all, nor is it the most distant location of London. With easy rail connections, and remote work as more available options, many also choose to stay in other cities, such as Bristol or Birmingham. Be sure to choose the best option for you (and buy a Kindle for a long train journey!).

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