Interviewing for a Housekeeping Position in Las Vegas

There are a lot of benefits to taking on out a housekeeping position in las vegas. Despite the fast-paced environment created by The Strip, there are a large number of homeowners that are looking to get through their days without giving up time with their families. They need someone to come in and take over some of the tasks that they don’t have time to get to or don’t have the ability to do well. When the time comes to interview for these types of positions, there are several things to keep in mind.

Prepare for Certain Types of Questions

As with any job, expect to be asked questions that center on the industry. In addition to being asked about work experience and availability, plan answers to questions about multitasking, prioritizing, and dealing with difficult situations. Be prepared with an answer for how to handle a problem with the house when the homeowner isn’t there. Think about how you will answer questions about time management and choosing the most important task to complete first in a home.

Bring Along Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are huge in the housekeeping industry. They allow an employer to see examples of work history and provide information from previous employers or private clients. In some cases, they may offer contact information for any follow-up questions about a potential employee. Employers like to see that other clients or employers have been satisfied with an applicant’s work. If you don’t have these now, try and get at least two or three together before the first interview.

Plan to Follow Up

Things tend to get busy in this industry and so it isn’t unusual to not hear back from a potential employer right away. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make contact after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Instead of seeming pushy, this often comes across as being motivated and a self-starter that is truly interested in the position. When interviewing for multiple positions, take note of the company, the contact person, and a phone number for each location. That way, all info is in one place when it comes time to follow up.

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