The Best Way to Sell Mineral Supplements

Seo in Philippines helped us to sell our mineral supplements in a way that allows us to avoid the overhead costs associated with running an actual shop here in town. We use only natural ingredients to make our products, but we needed a way to get the word out and start selling the stuff. Frankly, I didn’t think it would happen. Our shelves in the house were full and we were only selling a few bottles a month. Really the idea of starting an actual physical store seemed pretty ridiculous when we were only bringing in a few bucks a month.

My husband decided to set up a website and see if we could move a few more units a month. I thought it was worth doing, but even there having a website does cost money. It’s not a lot, mind you, but it does cost several dollars a month for even a basic site and that meant we were probably just selling enough to afford the site. We needed some way to promote the site so that we could really start selling our products, but how we could do that seemed a mystery to us.

We did go ahead and put up the site, which led to a few more sales. Then we hired a seo company to try and boost our site in the search engines. I happened across an article online promoting the idea of seo and figured we should give it a shot. We found a company online and hired them, and then waited. We didn’t have to wait long. Soon we noticed an uptick in sales that eventually turned into a flood of orders. Those full shelves emptied out pretty quickly. Now we’re putting in sixteen hour days making and moving the products! We owe it all to the wonders of search engine optimization.

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